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The story about Eyetelle

Once upon a time, in the most beautiful city of South Africa, there was an Optometrist who dreamed of owning her own practice. One day her husband came home and said they will be going to Portugal for fourteen months, where he would be working. All this time the optometrist was longing for the opportunity to open a practice she could call her own. As time passed she wanted it more and more.She starting doing some research over the internet and with a bit of perseverance she found a little space to rent in a centre called Flamingo Square. The timing was perfect as they were planning on giving the centre a bit of a makeover.

While sitting on the wall of a castle ruin in Monsanto, Portugal the optometrist and her husband decided that once they return to their home in Cape Town, they would pursue this lifelong dream.They decided there and then that they would do everything in their power to make this dream a reality. They played around with some ideas for what they would name this new baby of theirs and eventually they decided on Eyetelle. Originating from the optometrist’s name Chantelle.

The optometrist had a vision of what she wanted the practice to look like. Black, white and blue being her favourite colours, it was most definitely going to be incorporated in the design and with the help of some friends they came up with a modern, clean look.

Once back in Cape Town, things happened really fast. A few weeks of hard work, sleepless nights, laughs and tears and Eyetelle was finally ready to open its doors on 26 July 2014. As they say, the rest was history and Chantelle and Eyetelle lived happily ever after….

Chantelle Swanepoel

Chantelle Swanepoel
Owner / Optometrist

Chantelle Swanepoel completed her B.Optom degree and graduated from the University of Johannesburg (RAU) in 2009.